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Low energy prices have a negative impact upon the price of electricity. In some places nuclear power plant (NPP) operating costs have risen by 30% in the last few years.

The assumptions and original business models of plant operators are changed. Costs must be saved while retaining high levels of availability and safety and properly maintaining very expensive assets.

AREVA NP’s Value-driven Propositions for Cost Savings and Rationalization help to cut costs at NPPs.
Many different types of work packages offer good potential for rationalization. The list below is only a partial selection from AREVA NP’s cost saving portfolio.

The Value-driven Propositions Initiative supports operators of NPPs by:

  • Optimizing the operation and maintenance of plants
  • Optimizing revenues
  • Reducing dose rates
  • Reducing exposure to risk.

All Solutions for Cost Savings

Interested in Cost Savings and Optimization in NPPs?

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