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Radioactive nuclides which are embedded in oxides that are formed on the surface of primary systems during plant operation could lead to a high activity build up. This results in higher collective radiation exposures (CRE) during maintenance or inspections of components and reactor coolant pumps (RCPs).

AREVA NP's Chemical Decontamination Service for nuclear power plants (NPPs) provides reliable removal of radioactive deposits for the reduction of occupational exposure for maintenance, inspection, refurbishment and repair work during maintenance.

Your benefits

  • Experienced vendor with hundreds of successful references worldwide
  • Decontamination experience with RCPs of all designs
  • Reduction of the ambient dose rate in working areas and of CRE (Man-Rem reduction)
  • Minimum waste generation
  • Flexibility of mobile equipment (no fixed installation); can be performed on site or at RCP repair hot shop


AREVA NP has global experience with primary system components in operating NPPs in Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Japan. We have worked successfully on nearly all full system decontaminations (FSDs) in pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and boiling water reactors (BWRs) in Europe. Furthermore, we have worked with NPPs which are permanently shut down (BR3 Mol, VAK Kahl, MZFR Karlsruhe, Würgassen, Haddam Neck, Lingen, Caorso, Trino, Stade, Bärseback).

Interested in Chemical Decontamination Service for Reactor Coolant Pumps?

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