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A number of different aging mechanisms constantly degrade mechanical components, electrical equipment and buildings. Fatigue cycles accelerate aging and can limit the remaining lifetime of components. Degradation may generate unexpected failures and could cause the blackout of essential systems. The availability and reliability of the plant are significantly reduced, in extreme cases plant safety might even be compromised. 

AREVA NP’s Plant Lifetime Management for Long-term Operation (LTO) ensures the long-term profitability of your plant
. Aging management focuses on safety-relevant components to eliminate safety-relevant events and support the license renewal process. Lifetime management expands system coverage in the plant to include availability-related components and equipment. 

The Plant Lifetime Management increases the reliability, availability and safety of the plant by implementing an optimum scope of maintenance, testing, monitoring and diagnostics, obsolescence management and efficient component repair and replacement.

Interested in Plant Aging and Lifetime Management?

Webinar "Corrosion – an Inherently Present Degradation"

The webinar highlights and illustrates by examples the possibilities of corrosion engineering as well as adequate testing capabilities to address corrosion related questions avoiding unexpected and costly surprises.

Webinar "Fitness for Service: Long-term Operation of your Assets"

This webinar highlights and illustrates by examples the possibilities of stationary and on-site material assessment as well as the performance of root cause analysis (RCA) also to identify early warnings avoiding unexpected and costly surprises. Learn how material technology and testing can contribute to a long-term reliable and economic operation of assets.

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