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A major cause of unplanned plant shutdowns, often occurring shortly after outage restart, are badly executed outage services. Another major non-conformance issue is the intrusion of foreign material into the primary circuit. The presence of any foreign object in the primary system represents a high level risk for nuclear safety. Immediate action is thus required in order to prevent economic and safety damage.

AREVA NP's Outage Service offers qualified services in all nuclear fields for outage planning and execution, diagnostics and non-destructive examaniantion (NDE) activities, maintenance and repair and also for quality assurance (QA) support and acceptance
. In addition to the periodic testing of component’s conditions the service provides the examination, inspection, maintenance and tests of:

  • Inspection of control rods, function check of couplings, check of straightness in pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and boiling water reactors (BWRs)
  • Inspection, check and function test of locking device of steam separator in BWR
  • Inspection and function test of plate spring assembly including acceptance tests of spring loads
  • Inspection and acceptance test of lifting traverse and lifting beams.

Your benefits

  • Risk minimization of unplanned plant shutdowns
  • Qualified lifetime management of equipment
  • Solid basis for plant investment decisions
  • Observance of the collective dose


Siemens / KWU plants with experience of more than 35 years

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