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Long-term Spare Parts Supply – Obsolescence Management for Nuclear Power Plants

Power plants can operate for over 60 years. As time goes on, plant operators have increasing issues with spare parts planning and procurement: On the one hand, parts in use continuously wear and age, and plant life extension (PLEX) and plant life management (PLIM) programs require parts. This creates a constant need for spare parts, but alternatively, equipment obsolescence and a shrinking supplier base for safety-related equipment make procurement almost impossible.

AREVA NP’s Long-term Spare Parts Supply helps to mitigate the effects of obsolescence with qualification, requalification and cross qualification support. We use a proprietary database to resolve obsolescence issues – this includes a collection of equipment passport data, stock levels and statistical failure data. A statistical approach permits optimum spare part stock levels to ensure there is adequate stock available for the future. Specialized teams perform rapid installation during planned outages. Ad hoc repairs are possible on short notice. 

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