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Control rod drive mechanisms (CRDMs) are operated in nuclear power plants (NPPs) under extreme environmental conditions. Any malfunction can lead to rod drops and an unexpected plant shutdown. The repair of the CRDMs results in a long replacement outage.

AREVA NP's Control Rod Drive Mechanisms for Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs) saves outage time and dose rates for the personnel due to short replacement times, high endurance and qualification for extreme conditions such as resistance to earthquakes
. EPR reactor CRDMs are testable for pressure tightness without any machinery or testing operation within the plant. For this reason, pressure tightness tests of each CRDM can be easily completed during outages and installation. The rod position indication is an integrated component of the CRDM which is qualified according to RCC-E and KTA. All CRDM components are tested and qualified under earthquake conditions.

Your benefits

  • Lifetime increased to 6 million steps or 60 years of plant operation
  • Qualified concerning ESPN, KTA, RCC-M and RCC-E – electrical and seismic qualification, pressure resistance, endurance (full-size tested under representative load conditions)
  • Improved outage schedule due to short replacement time without machining, welding or the necessity of using specific replacement tools
  • Integrated components with rod position measurement device and without specific cooling system


  • A long lasting experience exists since the beginning of the 1970s with more than 1,000 CRDMs in operation.
  • All new EPR reactor plants and all ATMEA NPPs will be equipped with these CRDMs.
  • AREVA NP CRDMs for PWRs are in operation in many plants in numerous European and Asian countries and additionally in Brazil.

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