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Changing regulatory requirements may require safety upgrades to mitigate the risk of hydrogen explosions. The reactor coolant of pressurized water reactors (PWRs) needs to be conditioned with hydrogen. Usual conditioning systems come with a large hydrogen inventory which may pose a risk of deflagration and explosion.

AREVA NP’s dedicated Hydrogenation Unit provides a unique design solution that significantly reduces the risk of a hydrogen explosion
. In addition, it eliminates complicated gas sweeping procedures during plant start-up and plant shutdown.

Your benefits

  • No licensing issues due to simple, static components
  • AREVA NP's long-term experience, including backfitting of existing PWRs
  • No purging of the volume control tank (VCT) required during plant start-up and plant shutdown


The Advanced Hydrogenation Unit is installed in nine German PWRs and PWRs in Spain and Brazil. It is also part of the design concept for the chemical and volume control system (CVCS) in AREVA’s EPR reactor.

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