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Mobile Material Analysis

In a situation of global competition, availability and cost effectiveness of assets and equipment have a very high priority. Therefore it is vital to accurately assess the current condition of structural materials allowing an early detection of degradation mechanisms and finally avoiding unexpected failures. Through determination of remaining service life of important equipment, target-oriented inspection and maintenance activities can be derived and implemented.

On-site and in-situ analysis for accurate condition assessment of structural materials

The accredited Material Testing Laboratory (ISO 17025) has profound experience in that field of activities and offers a wide variety of solutions.

Your benefits

  • Non-destructive, quick, individual and therefore economic methods for detailed condition assessment of structural materials
  • Experienced teams with mobile equipment enable concrete statements directly on site

Interested in Mobile Material Analysis?

Webinar "Corrosion – an Inherently Present Degradation"

The webinar highlights and illustrates by examples the possibilities of corrosion engineering as well as adequate testing capabilities to address corrosion related questions avoiding unexpected and costly surprises.

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