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The current generation of nuclear power plants (NPPs) worldwide has reached a high level of safety and reliability. Today’s focus is now more on being cost-effective and competitive in comparison to other energy sources. Main factors that directly influence the availability and thus the cost competitiveness of each plant are the outage time and the quality of the associated works.

Each plant has its own strategy towards outage planning, but one thing is for sure: there is no such thing as one optimum type of outage. Instead, each outage should be specifically adapted to the plant in question and tailored to the needs of the plant operator.

The operator is the driving force behind the optimization process of a NPP. AREVA NP's Outage Management Service supports this project. Quality, safety, production and cost reduction have to be driven simultaneously. An optimal outage is the result of a competent, motivated and cooperating organization which is scheduled well in advance. AREVA NP is positioned to support customer initiatives from a global perspective, utilizing the proven „best of class“ solution from our international experts to meet this goal.

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