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In the controlled area of a nuclear power plant (NPP), the maintenance personnel are often exposed to high dose rates. Protection from the radiation according to ALARA principles is required for each individual. The combination of high dose rates and limitation of personal dose results in higher numbers of required personnel to complete the work and extra time for handovers.    

The Chemical Decontamination Techniques reduce the radiation levels in the particular parts of the primary circuit to allow for plant modification and to provide in-service inspection. Decontamination will involve the "progressive injection" of chemicals into the reactor's primary circuit. Once the process is completed, the organic substances used will be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, leaving behind no additional waste. In most cases, required decontamination levels may be obtained by continuing the process as long as necessary, taking care to ensure that tank walls or piping are not penetrated by corrosion. AREVA NP is in possession of a wide range of decontamination processes suitable for any requirements, time constraints and residual activity level needs, including the re-classification of radwaste and free release. A lower dose environment shortens outage periods and reduces personnel costs on the long-term average.

Your benefits

  • Any desired decontamination factor up to free release can be reached by AREVA NP’s Decontamination Technology
  • Proprietary technologies generate the lowest radwaste amounts of any decontamination process in the market
  • Highly effective, rapid kinetics, simple waste treatment, and a low solidified waste volume


Over 35 years of experience in decontamination of components in more than 30 NPPs worldwide, including in Germany, Japan, China, and the United States

Interested in reaching high decon factors with low radwaste generation?

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Germany: AREVA awarded decontamination contract for Grafenrheinfeld Power Plant

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