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For the safe transport of new fuel assemblies the same requirements apply as for radioactive materials. Therefore, new fuel assemblies need to be transported in special containers to and inside the power plant. Inadequate transport not only constitutes a violation of guidelines and procedures, but may also lead to mechanical damage of the new fuel assemblies, making the fuel assemblies unusable for the next core load. To ensure that new fuel assemblies arrive undamaged at the power plant, optical inspection of the incoming goods on possible transport damages is necessary.

AREVA NP's On-site Transfer of New Fuel Assemblies ensures safe transport according to the requirements and instructions of the manufacturer
. Proof of the proper state of the new fuel assemblies are documented through the incoming goods inspection. This inspection ensures that damaged new fuel assemblies are not approved for loading.

Your benefits

  • Reduced outage time (critical path)
  • Synergies with other AREVA NP on-site service activities


Pressurized water reactors (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) plants in Germany

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