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Spontaneous combustion, equipment failures or ignition by arson start fires. Conventional solutions for automatic fire detection are not suitable for the ambient influences in harsh environments, e.g. rooms with increased radiation. A less qualified standard design or less robust equipment could lead to a lower mean time between failure (MTBF), false alarms and even to partial outage of the fire detection system. This may lead to increased maintenance effort and possibly to the unavailability of the fire detection system which in turn means that local fires remain undetected.

AREVA NP’s Automatic Fire Detection in Harsh Environment ensures reliable fire detection at an early state even in areas with high demanding environmental conditions. 
The Automatic Fire Detection is qualified for seismic, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), pressure or irradiation tests in order to secure dependable automatic fire detection in any room within a critical facility, such as nuclear power plants (NPPs).

Your benefits

  • Manufacturer of independent application permits selection of the best components
  • Robust components meet demanding ambient conditions
  • In-house qualification for seismic, EMC, pressure, irradiation
  • State-of-the-art solution, complies with DIN 14675, VdS 2095 and DIN VDE 0833


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