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Daily reports of new terrorist attacks lead us to reevaluate our safety posture. The efforts against intrusion protection and also protection of critical infrastructure face increasing requirements which outdated security systems are not able to fulfill. Successful intrusions can lead to total blackouts of safety-relevant facilities thus endangering the continuous energy supply or even public safety. 

AREVA NP’s Physical Access Control Systems for Critical Infrastructures ensure that only authorized personnel enters the facility by assuring the physical protection of sensitive infrastructures.
The solutions can be easily integrated in existing alarm networks, even in aging networks. Customer’s access profiles are considered in order to determine the right access control system. Suitable equipment, compatible with all already existing physical protection systems, is selected. AREVA NP makes sure that the access control system is ready for the latest state-of-the-art applications in order to fulfill the ever increasing stringent requirements to protect the property.

Your benefits

  • Manufacturer of independent component application
  • Full-system provider
  • Integration to existing alarm monitoring systems possible
  • Easy to upgrade for later system extension
  • System fulfills DIN EN 50133 and DIN VDE 0833-3


AREVA NP has provided Physical Access Control Systems for Critical Infrastructures in nuclear power plants (NPPs) and energy industries all over the world.

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