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Non-availability of personnel with the right qualifications and on-site experience makes outage planning extremely difficult. Operating and maintenance costs for nuclear power plants (NPPs) add up during plant operation. Even higher costs are incurred during outages. Unsufficient outages can result in delays or even hidden failures that require more standstill time or unplanned shutdowns.

AREVA NP's Outage Reactor Services offers its customers unique value-added services utilizing its experience of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and non-OEM plants
. With highly trained and skilled personnel, robust yet advanced technologies and innovative products, the company meets its customer’s expectations. AREVA NP can comply with all demands stemming from various customers with regard to cost-effectiveness and technically optimized solutions. Preventive maintenance with experienced cross-trained personnel, combined with state-of-the-art tools, deliver excellent results while reducing costs by completing activities on the critical path right the first time.

The teams are working on 360 of the 440 reactors that constitute the world's installed base.

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