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Outage Services for Nuclear Power Plants – Performance, Excellence and Optimization are at the Focus

The high cost of outages and the ever present risk of technical issues causing long and expensive delays is turning downtime into a real challenge. Retaining qualified service personnel with on-site experience is difficult. Moreover, ensuring top quality and safety levels while keeping the costs down seems to be a contradiction. Additionally, plant efficiency must be sustained or even increased. On top of all this, huge amounts of outage data must be archived in a way so that it supports aging management goals.

AREVA NP's Outage Services for Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) are committed to ensuring short and reliable outages. A focus on the key drivers of safety, quality, production and cost is an integral part of our approach. Knowledge, experience, flexibility and closeness to the customer help in reducing outage time and cost, and constantly generate innovative solutions.

AREVA NP has original equipment manufacturer (OEM) history with boiling water reactors (BWRs) and pressurized water reactors (PWRs) worldwide.

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