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The requirements of pressurized water reactor (PWR) operators are increasingly demanding and include power uprates of up to 20 percent or beyond in some cases, maximum batch average burn-up increased from 40 MWd/kgU to 60 MWd/kgU, lower neutron leakage with cycle lengths of up to 24 months and challenging water chemistry conditions. Furthermore, with taxes on nuclear fuel already levied in some countries and planned in others, there is a general push for more efficient fuel utilization.

GAIA: Improved fuel cycle costs while ensuring the safety and robustness of nuclear fuel operation 
Developed to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of utilities, the GAIA fuel assembly ensures the safety and robustness of fuel operations, while offering optimal performance and a high burn-up capacity. Current AREVA NP PWR fuel designs, HTP™ with its unsurpassed robustness against grid-to-rod-fretting (GTRF) failures and AFA 3G™ with its superior thermal-hydraulic performance, provided the basis for the development of the GAIA spacer grid. The GAIA fuel assembly boasts M5™ advanced cladding which offers superior margins and meets anticipated changes in U.S. regulatory requirements.

Your benefits

  • Enhanced reliability and robustness
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved fuel cycle economy

Interested in GAIA – the New Generation Fuel for 17x17 PWRs?

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AREVA NP signs $560 million in advanced fuel contracts


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