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AREVA NP's ARGOS is a comprehensive online core monitoring system for all kinds of commercial pressurized water reactors (PWRs). It easily and efficiently accommodates different sources of primary measurement data, e.g. fixed or moveable detectors, and aeroball measurement systems. ARGOS is part of the ARCADIA family of advanced codes. It has thus been designed for use with the ARTEMIS core simulator. The modular design, however, allows linking to a variety of neutronic core simulators. Thanks to its modular structure, ARGOS can flexibly be extended by additional services, such as instantaneous decay heat calculations.

Your benefits

  • Continuous margin control to operational limits
  • Gain of operational flexibility
  • Time saving in return to full power
  • Lower operational costs by reducing boron processing through optimized power maneuvers
  • Planning of more efficient load follow maneuvers
  • Improved ergonomics through flexibly configurable GUI interface
  • Offers a fleet-wide solution with common look and feel, independent of the core simulator or power reconstruction methodology

Interested in ARGOS – Core Monitoring System for PWRs?

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