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Safety demonstration, fuel management and operation of nuclear power plants (NPPs) are facing a more demanding economical and regulatory environment. In this context it is vital to apply the latest codes and methods to improve margin management while meeting new safety requirements and securing operational flexibility.

ARCADIA: efficient, flexible core design and reliable operation of pressurized light water reactors

  • ARCADIA covers numerous engineering activities from nuclear fuel assembly design to safety analyses
  • Integrated code system for consistent steady-state and transient evaluations
  • Full core 3D pin-by-pin neutronics, thermalhydraulics and thermal-mechanical analysis
  • Coupling with thermal-hydraulic system codes like CATHARE-2 and S-RELAP-5 to enable industrial use of advanced methodologies

Your benefits

  • Optimization of plant utilization, gain of margins and extended operational flexibility due to high accuracy and reliability
  • Meeting current and emerging safety requirements, as ARCADIA allows minimizing unrealistic assumptions and maximizing accuracy
  • Improved margin management due to the fully consistent description of steady-state and transient application modes
  • AREVA NP provides plant specific ARCADIA implementation and customer training to consider your specific needs

Interested in Core Design, Core Monitoring and Safety Analysis with ARCADIA?

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