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The reactor neutron flux is a measure for the instantaneous nuclear power. The continuous measurement and processing of the neutron flux provides further information on power fluctuations as well as the radial and axial power distribution of the core. A safe and reliable ex-core neutron flux instrumentation is thus inevitable to protect and control a reactor.

Designed to perform neutron flux measurement outside of the core under the most challenging environmental conditions and to comply with internationally recognized standards    
Based on more than 30 years of operational experience AREVA NP has the expertise to design ex-core neutron flux instrumentation which complies with customer-specific reactor types, covering the whole neutron flux measuring range from refueling, start-up operation up to full power. Additionally, the ex-core neutron flux instrumentation is qualified to perform under accident conditions of up to 159°C, 6 barabs, 100% relative humidity and 1.1 MGy radiation dose.

Your benefits

  • Tailor-made ex-core neutron flux instrumentation
  • Qualified up to severe accident conditions
  • Simple operation and easy to maintain
  • Training of personnel up to full support including maintenance activities
  • Reactimeter – reduction of start-up operation by up to 75%
  • Software filtering of neutron flux noise

Interested in Ex-core Neutron Flux Instrumentation in PWRs?

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