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Adhesive Technology

In many countries regulators have started to tighten the requirements regarding resilience against seismic loads. As a consequence utilities need to evaluate the seismic capacity of their plants as some components, structures and devices will be required to be able to withstand higher seismic loads. This may require reinforcement of structures and fastening devices. In many cases reinforcement of electrical and instrumentation and control (I&C) cabinets may not be allowed to be done by welding or drilling due to the risk of damaging sensitive components.

The Adhesive Technology for Reinforcement of Electrical and I&C Cabinets increases the resistance of components to earthquake-induced oscillations.

Your benefits

  • Upgrade of existing electrical and I&C cabinets possible, avoiding costly exchange
  • No damage in areas with sensitive components as no drilling or welding necessary
  • Easy shifting of a structure’s resonance frequency into frequency areas that are less susceptible to earthquake-induced oscillations

Interested in Reinforcement of Electrical and I&C Cabinets?

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