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Advanced Load Following Control

The growth of intermittent renewable energy generation and the effects of renewable energy standards and policies are having a significant impact on the merit curve for energy generation on major grids worldwide. Nuclear power plants (NPPs) connected to such grids – and which are remaining in base load mode – are experiencing a high number of hours with negative electricity prices.

Enabling NPPs to become flexible and adapt to new grid demand
AREVA NP has the widest experience in NPP flexible operation solutions. Feasibility studies and related plant upgrades can be implemented to evaluate and enable any NPP (pressurized water reactor or boiling water reactor) to become more flexible. The solution is based upon a process which covers the precise definition of grid demand, the unit’s flexible operation capabilities, the alignment of requirements and capabilities, recommended plant upgrades and the implementation of such upgrades. Upgrades include the Advanced Load Following Control (ALFC) system. This reactor control system for pressurized water reactors (PWRs) ensures fully automated flexible load-following operation without any manual intervention.

Enhanced fatigue effects caused by load-following operation can affect the cumulated usage factor (CUF). AREVA NP's Optimization of Operation Modes minimizes CUF.

Steep load-following ramps increase the need for rapid Boron monitoring. COMBO (Continuous Measurement of Boron Concentration) supports this.

Your benefits

  • A smooth and reliable way to become flexible
  • Support from the most experienced provider of flexible operation solutions for your feasibility study
  • Unique fuel performance experience
  • Feasibility of fully-automated load ramps
  • Dedicated and focused recommendations for plant upgrades
  • Support for the licensing process
  • Direct economic benefits of energy generation with flexible operation

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