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The risk-based approach is considered state-of-the-art for the prioritization of inspection and maintenance activities. This methodology is demanding, as it requires in-depth analysis of degradation rates, failure modes and realistic assessment of failure consequences.

COMSY-RISK (Condition-oriented Aging and Plant Life Management System) supports risk-informed prioritization methodology of inspection and maintenance.
 The system generates a dependable ranking of components or locations to be inspected based on the insights from the consequence assessment, degradation potential evaluations and the assessment of failure modes. COMSY-RISK manages risk-related parameters and assesses the likelihood of occurring degradation mechanisms based on the given degradation models.

Your benefits

  • Simplifies risk-based optimization of maintenance activities
  • Optimizes the allocation of maintenance budgets according to risk

Interested in Aging Management with Risk-Informed Prioritization – COMSY-RISK?

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