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Tests and inspections of safety-relevant systems and components are based upon authority requirements and the stipulations of the operating license. These requirements are covered by test manuals which need to be updated regularly. This ensures the safe operation of the plant with a high level of availability.

AREVA NP's Updating of Scoping and Screening Test Manuals utilizes our many years of experience in dealing with requirements of the safety and approval authorities and implementing plant-specific and component-specific test manuals.
The definition of criteria to select test points depending on expected load and damage mechanisms is one of our specialties. The relevant systems, test methods, test scopes and test schedules result from this. Moreover, AREVA NP offers qualified personnel for planning, coordination, implementation and evaluation of test programs.

Your benefits

  • Proven test manual layouts and test concepts can be provided free of charge
  • Joint tailoring to fit plant requirements
  • Rapid change cycles
  • Included interdisciplinary competence from non-destructive testing, materials science, metallography and engineering

Interested in Updating of Scoping and Screening Test Manual?

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