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Flow-induced corrosion (FIC) mechanisms (flow-accelerated corrosion – FAC, cavitation erosion and liquid droplet impingement erosion) are hard to control degradation mechanisms. Their occurrence and severity depends on a series of system-related, material-related and water-chemical conditions.

COMSY-FAC (Condition-oriented Aging and Plant Life Management System) locates pipe system areas which are at risk for damage due to flow-accelerated corrosion.
The heat balance diagram of the power plant is modeled In COMSY-FAC. This permits an analytical calculation of the conditions in the water-steam cycle and a prognosis of the risk of damage.

Your benefits

  • Identifies and localizes systems and sub-systems sensitive to FAC
  • Conservative lifetime evaluation and weak-point analyses of components
  • Inspection program optimized for the needs of your plant
  • Design studies for plant modernization or power uprates regarding the optimization of material selection and geometry
  • Quantification of the iron ingress into the steam generator (SG)


Successful application in 60 boiling water reactor (BWR), pressurized water reactor (PWR), pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR) and VVER units all over the world

Interested in Aging Management for Flow-accelerated Corrosion – COMSY-FAC?

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