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Instrumentation and Control and Electrical Systems for Nuclear Power Plants

Instrumentation and control (I&C) systems and electrical systems installed in nuclear power plants (NPPs) face the problems of becoming outdated and also to fulfill ever more stringent requirements. Authorities mandate increasing redundancy and reliability standards in order to ensure the safety of the plant.

AREVA NP’s Instrumentation and Control and Electrical Systems for Nuclear Power Plants comply with the latest requirements specified by the authorities. The systems are ideal for new builds, upgrades and lifetime extensions for nuclear installations of any type and rating. Customized I&C and electrical system solutions are available for any application and all classification levels ranging from non-classified up to highest nuclear classification. Besides its own products such as TELEPERM XS and RodPilot, AREVA NP also applies and integrates standard components from other manufacturers.

AREVA NP’s Instrumentation and Control and Electrical Systems are installed in different types of reactors worldwide.

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A Proven Instrumentation and Control System

TELEPERM XS, the digital I&C developed by AREVA NP, offers the best guarantees of safety and reliability: protection, reactor power control and limitation, neutron flux measurement, core monitoring, control and monitoring of the control rod bundle position, and management of the emergency diesel generators. The technology has been supplied to or is undergoing installation in 81 nuclear reactors based on 16 different design concepts. The TELEPERM XS system is certified in 16 countries.

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