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When a major component reaches the end of its design life, difficult decisions and trade-offs must be made between expensive component replacement or plant closure.

AREVA NP’s Component Lifetime Extension estimates the remaining lifetime of each major component to support long-term operation (LTO) beyond design life
. Two specialized tools incorporate 30 years of experience in the field of fatigue evaluation and monitoring. The first is fatigue assessment with the Advanced Fatigue Solution (AFS) – a modern structural health monitoring concept. The second is AREVA NP’s automated Fatigue Management Tool (FAMOSi). Both – AFS and FAMOSi – offer cycle-based or stress-based analysis which reduces unnecessarily conservative assumptions in the evaluation and document an extended operational lifetime for critical components.

Your benefits

  • Delays the need for component replacement
  • Avoids premature plant closure
  • Saves money in non-destructive testing (NDT), maintenance and replacement


AREVA NP‘s Component Lifetime Extension beyond design life is used by a number of NPPs worldwide.

Interested in Component Lifetime Extension beyond Design Life?


AREVA Fatigue Concept – a three stage approach to the fatigue assessment of power plant components

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