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Qualified visual testing at nuclear power plants (NPPs) not only meets the demands of regulatory nuclear specifications, but preventive inspections also allow an early recognition of failures.

For 15 years AREVA NP has been performing more and more underwater inspections with submarine carrier systems. This technology has significant advantages over pole guided systems: nearly 100 percent of the primary side components of a NPP can be inspected without influence on the critical path of an outage.

AREVA GmbH offers tailor-made solutions from the basic design to the on-site service. In its laboratories the inspection manipulator systems are tested and qualified according to international standards. The service personnel are qualified according to DIN and ASME regulations.

This forms the basis for a qualified inspection: training in the operation of the inspection systems and knowledge of component details to be inspected. The further development of optical systems is no longer limited to 2D HD camera inspections, but also allows the performance of surveying measurements in the air and under water with laser line scanners – the third dimension of inspections. The extension to industrial applications is a particular drive in the development of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) technology. AREVA NP's focus is on continuous improvement in the availability of carrier and optical systems in order to meet specific customer demand in very short times.

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ENIQ-qualified visual examinations by means of a remote-controlled submarine

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