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The key issue of aging management is to reliably provide prognosis of, e.g., critical points, degradation rates and the remaining lifetime of components. The requirements for a comprehensive aging management are very extensive and require in-depth knowledge about the evaluation of systems, structures and components (SSCs) with respect to degradation effects.

AREVA NP's Mechanical Degradation Assessment is a smart aging and plant life management strategy which provides remarkable economic benefits.
 Our process is based upon a proprietary suite of software tools called COMSY. It makes a quantified prognosis of degradation processes in systems, structures and components.

Your benefits

  • Leverages AREVA NP’s experience in degradation assessment
  • Develops a systematic strategy for dealing with aging effects
  • Validates and optimizes in-service inspections and maintenance activities
  • Improves plant safety and availability
  • Computer-aided degradation assessment
  • COMSY license is optional

Interested in Mechanical Degradation Assessment?

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