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The integrity of electrical equipment and instrumentation and control (I&C) is vital for the safe and efficient long-term operation (LTO) of nuclear power plants (NPPs). Proactive approaches need to be adopted in order to deal with safety and performance concerns.

COMSY-ELEC (Condition-oriented Aging and Plant Life Management System) estimates the remaining life of active electrical equipment and I&C. 
The predictive tool is an efficient solution for aging management of electrical equipment and instrumentaion and control system (I&C). COMSY-ELEC supports surveillance programs compatible to the requirements of international and national rules. An analytical function compares equipment qualification parameters with the environmental parameter history in order to determine the remaining "qualified life".

Your benefits

  • Computer-aided aging management for electrical equipment
  • Saves cash by
    - Reducing maintenance effort
    - Avoiding unscheduled shutdowns
  • Estimates the remaining qualified component life
  • Considers the leakage current of all elements of an electrical function chain
  • Provides condition trending
  • Conforms to IEEE 323, IEC 60780, IAEA Safety Guide NS-G-2.12, KTA 3706
  • Supports industry best practices I&C in harsh environments


COMSY-ELEC – Aging Management for Electrical Equipment and I&C in harsh environments – is used in in numerous European NPPs.

Interested in Aging Management for I&C and Electrical Equipment – COMSY-ELEC?

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