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Global economic and political conditions are changing for the operators of nuclear power plants (NPPs). This economic pressure strongly impacts maintenance concepts. Predefined preventive maintenance programs are considered too expensive. Break down maintenance strategies tend to compromise plant safety and availability.

COMSY-MAINT (Condition-oriented Aging and Plant Life Management System) optimizes the maintenance strategy for active components in NPPs based on operating experience
. Maintenance needs for active components (e.g. valves, pumps, etc.) can be assessed based on industry experience regarding symptoms and root causes of system malfunctions. The Active Components Module provides the technological basis for predictive or prognostics capabilities by providing a range of reliability performance indicators for a vast range of power plant components. This makes it possible to convert predefined preventive maintenance into a "living program" with condition-based maintenance.

Your benefits

  • Systematic collection of detailed component information
  • Interfaces with the plant operating system
  • Makes standardized maintenance records available
  • Interactive graphic visualization of scheduler
  • Optimizes maintenance strategy


COMSY-MAINT has already been installed in five NPPs sites with more coming soon.

Interested in Optimization of Maintenance Scheduling – COMSY-MAINT?

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