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In the unlikely case of a severe accident in a nuclear power plant (NPP), radioactive releases may leak into control rooms – such as main and emergency control rooms or other rooms designated for prolonged occupancy throughout the duration of accidents. In order to prevent staff and crisis teams from being exposed to radiation doses beyond specified limits, control rooms need to be maintained habitable during and after a severe accident.

The Control Room Accident Filtration System (CRAFT) provides noble gas retention for control rooms during a severe accident
. CRAFT has been designed to upgrade existing conventional filtering systems to protect staff from radioactive noble gases.

Your benefits

  • Continuous noble gas retention without time limitation during complete accident progression
  • Suitable for severe accident scenarios with multiple venting
  • Covers scenarios with potential containment leakages or containment bypass to adjacent buildings and to the plant environment
  • Covers scenarios on NPP sites with more than one unit
  • Optionally available with aerosol and iodine filtration
  • Suitable for upgrade of existing air filtration and air conditioning systems
  • Low installation and maintenance effort
  • Based on proven technology

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