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Reducing the Core Melt Probability by Strengthening the Robustness of your NPP

The necessity to strengthen the robustness of nuclear power plants (NPPs) even regarding beyond-design accident scenarios has come into focus. Respective regulatory requirements have tightened worldwide.

AREVA NP's Secondary and Primary Feed-and-Bleed Solutions allow to mitigate a scenario of total loss of feedwater thus reducing the core melt probability of a NPP.
 The installation of this Feed-and-bleed Solutions (together with the related emergency operating procedures) for secondary (and optionally primary) feed and bleed enables the plant to re-establish the core cooling even under conditions

  • where the stationary feedwater systems of the steam generators can not be used
  • where operating conditions for the residual heat removal system are not fulfilled.


Several NPPs worldwide have successfully increased their robustness with AREVA NP’s Feed-and-bleed Solutions, amongst them all operating German NPPs.

Interested in in Secondary and Primary Feed-and-Bleed Solutions?

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