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Offshore Wind: Support Services

Each day, more and more electricity is produced by wind turbines. Because wind is one of the most environmentally-friendly solutions. Hence wind turbines need to be efficient and reliable although faced by extreme conditions – for their entire lifetime of more than 20 years.

AREVA GmbH supports manufacturers and operators of wind turbines regarding these challenges with an extensive range of services covering the entire life cycle.

  • Our know-how in the fields of material technology and engineering is already available to you in the development phase. We will be happy to advise you regarding the design or the selection of materials.
  • Proven diagnostic and monitoring systems help to establish condition-based maintenance.
  • Inspection systems and services guarantee maximum reliability in operation.
  • And we support you in any case: A team of experts takes over the trouble shooting for you and provides solutions how to get back your wind turbine back into operation as quickly as possible.

Interested in Support Services for Offshore Wind Turbines?

Please contact us to request more information:

Webinar "Fitness for Service: Long-term Operation of your Assets"

This webinar highlights and illustrates by examples the possibilities of stationary and on-site material assessment as well as the performance of root cause analysis (RCA) also to identify early warnings avoiding unexpected and costly surprises. Learn how material technology and testing can contribute to a long-term reliable and economic operation of assets.

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