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Integrated Safety Control

Undiscovered single failures of emergency diesel generators (EDGs) can lead to a loss of emergency power supply. This can endanger plant safety during design base events.

The Integrated Safety Control for Emergency Diesel Generators (ADCON-S) utilizes software-free technology to provide reliable control under extreme conditions.
This software-free safety control is adaptable for diverse infrastructures with the help of modular interface configuration. The modules have hardwired interconnections for easy application and high reliability. All modules can also be employed redundantly for highest degree of availability and reliability.

Your benefits

  • Compatible with most EDGs
  • Housed in a standard seismic proven cubicle
  • Provides coverage of all required EDG safety functions
  • Interchangeability of integrated electronic modules
  • Rapid spare parts supply
  • Tools for testing, commissioning and troubleshooting are included

Interested in Integrated Safety Control for EDGs – ADCON-S?

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