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Electrical Protection and Synchronization

Internal or external electrical failures can jeopardize the proper function of the emergency diesel generator (EDG).  Protection of the generating function is of vital importance both for nuclear safety and also to protect your plant investment.

The Electrical Protection and Synchronization for Emergency Diesel Generators (ADPRO) integrates comprehensive generator protective function packages into new and existing infrastructures.
Additionally, ADPRO protects the generator during operational tests and from electrical failures that might occur during operation in parallel to the grid.

In emergency operation, special software-free protection devices assure the availability of critical highly reliable power supplies by only permitting very severe electrical failures to trip the generator from the grid. After test runs or emergency operation, ADPRO permits synchronization with the plant’s grid to be performed automatically or manually with a remote control option. 

Your benefits

  • Standardized design with optional customer-specific functions on demand
  • Priority safety protection functions complying with highest safety levels according to KTA, IEEE and RCC-E
  • Comprehensive coverage of both operational and safety requirements for internal and external failures during test runs parallel to the grid, and in emergency operation
  • Easy and efficient integration with smallest cabinet footprint into new and existing infrastructures
  • Remote and local synchronization in automatic or manual mode, with various combinations of measurements and circuit breakers


Approximately 40 units over the last five years

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