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In the case of loss of offsite power (LOOP) or spontaneous anomalies or malfunctions of emergency diesel generators (EDGs) the emergency functions become very important. Now it is too late to discover that the EDG is worn out or defective.

The Online Monitoring of Emergency Diesel Generators (OM-EDG) ensures an early and quick detection of any kind of EDG deterioration trend
. It monitors important EDG parameters to ensure that they remain within the specified windows. The online monitoring system is customizable for diagnosis, condition-based maintenance and also for asset management.

Your benefits

  • Parallel monitoring units for stand-alone or network-based data logging
  • Real-time 24 / 7 monitoring for any type of engine, generator and auxiliaries
  • Synchronous acquisition of vibration signals and process data
  • Early fault detection
  • Offline visualization and analysis


Several installations are in operation.

Interested in Online Monitoring of Emergency Diesel Generators – OM-EDG?

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