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The ever increasing risk of cyber-attacks by professional hackers, terrorists or even foreign agencies can not be ignored. Cyber-attacks may affect critical infrastructures of any country such as intellectual property, industrial processes including those employing dangerous chemicals, power utilities and networks, dams, drinking water supply, distribution of power supply, public transportation and even air traffic control.

AREVA NP’s Industrial Security Solutions offer a very high level of protection from cyber-attacks on a number of different levels. The systems were developed to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants (NPPs), so they are very robust. Contact the Industrial Security Solutions team to discuss trouble shooting, analyses and the corresponding countermeasures.

AREVA NP's Industrial Security Solutions are used by a number of customers in several countries.

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AREVA NP’s expertise in cybersecurity, nuclear power plant engineering and regulatory compliance ensures a high level of protection of infrastructure and digital power plant systems for its international customers. In the United States, AREVA NP has been chosen by several utilities for cybersecurity engineering that complies with the requirements of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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