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The conduct of weld inspections in pile structures has to be remote-controlled. To guarantee verifiable surface conditions, it is necessary to remove organic matter and corrosion in advance.

For many years AREVA NP has developed and performed qualified non-destructive examinations (NDEs) using a wide variety of underwater carrier systems.
The combination of service-proven and company-developed submarine and magnetic crawler systems allows NDE of welds inside pile structures of offshore wind generators. The NDE of welded joints can be supplemented by other inspections such as visual testing (VT) of submarine cables or the surface coating at the splash zone. Furthermore, pH and conductance measurements check the function of the cathodic corrosion protection system of monopile structures.

Your benefits

  • AREVA NP stands for custom-made solutions in the field of remote-controlled VT and non-destructive inspections under water
  • Development, qualification and implementation on site by the same supplier
  • High quality standard with focus on economic aspects in close cooperation with our customers

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