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Digital Safety Control TELEPERM® XS

Undiscovered failures of the emergency diesel generator (EDG) controls can result in loss of emergency power supply. Unplanned repairs to EDG controls often result in significant increases of the outage time.  Therefore, modern EDG control systems are required for nuclear power plant (NPP) operation.

The Digital Safety Control TELEPERM XS for Emergency Diesel Generators protects the reactor system of a plant.
This instrumentation and control (I&C) system monitors itself and reliably checks the condition of the generator sets.

TELEPERM XS is suitable both for new EDGs and also for upgrading and modernization of existing EDGs of all suppliers.

Your benefits

  • Reliable safety protection with extensive and continuous self-monitoring
  • Extended test intervals
  • Very compact system dimensions
  • Software tools for testing, commissioning and troubleshooting are included
  • Easy maintenance and repair including spare parts management


The first digital safety control systems were put into operation more than ten years ago and have been working reliably ever since. More systems and new applications have been implemented since then for various safety applications.

Interested in Digital Safety Control TELEPERM XS for EDGs?

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