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Monitoring and Diagnostics

We offer custom-tailored solutions for the monitoring and diagnosis of components, systems and plants. More than 250 of our monitoring and diagnostic systems are in use worldwide. They assist with the safe operation of nuclear and conventional power plants as well as industrial facilities – because our innovative monitoring and diagnostic systems are characterized by high quality and reliability.

Vibration Monitoring

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Webinar "Monitoring & Diagnostics: The Way to Optimized Maintenance and High Reliability"

As rarely as possible, as early as necessary  this is the headline of predictive maintenance. The transition from preventive to predictive maintenance reduces the cost of ownership by maintaining the reliability and availability of an asset or plant.

With AREVA's fully flexible and open diagnostic platform, different physical principles are utilized depending on the monitoring task and application. This may be changes in the acoustic pattern of machines, the vibration behaviour of rotating machinery, the dynamic characteristics of valves and drives or the determination of usage factors by fatigue or creep phenomena. All this can be used to evaluate the condition of the assets and give trends of the asset health status and the operation point of the machine or system, to optimize maintenance cycle and the remaining lifetime.

This webinar highlights AREVA's experiences, lessons learnt and demonstrates methods to optimize maintenance and reliability.