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Mast sipping has been fully acknowledged as the best online technique used in a reactor for fuel assembly sipping test, no matter what type of reactor you operate: a pressurized water reactor (PWR), a boiling water reactor (BWR) or a Russian-type VVER reactor.

AREVA NP's MAST SIPPING minimizes time and effort of fuel inspections.
We can offer you to either purchase the entire system or just to rent it. Depending on your specific needs, a team of highly qualified fuel service experts is available to provide assistance during core unloading, inspection or final examination before loading into a storage cask.

Your benefits

  • Short inspection times: On-site service efficiency is increased through testing during reactor unloading, fuel assembly shuffling or test in the fuel storage pool
  • Follows the fuel handling machine cycle without additional hold time
  • Immediate information on the condition of the fuel assemblies to be reinserted in the core
  • On-line evaluation of results and automatic display of results as well as documentation of results during or immediately after the measurement of the fuel assembly
  • Easy and quick calibration
  • When using the remote control, the radiation exposure of field personnel is reduced
  • No interference with the normal functions of the fuel handling machine
  • You can receive an additional water sample for further radiochemical analysis

References (since 1997)

  • Proven and reliable system: more than 8,000 fuel assemblies were tested
  • More than 60 fuel assemblies were identified as leakers
  • 100% of the leaking fuel assemblies have been detected during usual MAST SIPPING campaigns

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