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Defective spent fuel management is becoming more and more a major challenge for nuclear operators. When a nuclear power plant (NPP) approaches its end of operating lifetime, the owner wants to get it fuel free. This is routine for fuel assemblies with sound fuel rods. Defective fuel rods, however, require a special treatment.

AREVA NP offers a reliable, economic and flexible encapsulation technology for safe enclosure of defective fuel rods for dry storage.
Single rod encapsulation and capsule canister designs allow for flexibility and improved handling. The methodology is based on AREVA NP’s comprehensive and long-standing experience in fuel assembly reconstitution.

Your benefits

  • Significant economic advantages, as capsule canisters can be loaded along with fuel assemblies within one transport or storage cask
  • Health and ALARA requirements met without extra shielding
  • Technology independent of type of cask
  • Flexibility in further handling due to encapsulation of single rods
  • Advantages for transport and storage cask licensing based on easy comprehensible technology

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