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Safety-related rotating machines like reactor coolant pumps in nuclear power plants (NPPs) are operated under harsh conditions . The use of unqualified speed measurement sensors with safety-related machines increases the probability of sensor failures during operation. As a consequence the rotating machine can not be controlled and or monitored anymore and accidental situations become more probable.

The sensor measures the rotating speed of machines without any external power supply and under harsh conditions.
In order to avoid accident situations with safety-related rotating machines like reactor coolant pumps, such machines must be instrumented with suitable, reliable and qualified (KTA-3505) speed measurement sensors. AREVA NP has selected, adapted and qualified an industrially proven speed measurement sensor.

Your benefits

  • Suitable speed measurement sensor for safety related machines
  • Qualified according to KTA 3505
  • Robust in harsh conditions (high temperature humidity, pressure, radiation, vibration, electromagnetic or hazardous location)
  • No power supply required (passive sensor)
  • AREVA NP also provides the suitable TELEPERM XS signal conditioning module for speed signals which is also qualified according to KTA, IEC and IEEE

Interested in Speed Measurement Sensors for Rotating Machines?

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