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Aqueous Corrosion Water Chemistry Consulting

Aqueous corrosion-related phenomena can damage your plant. A number of different corrosion mechanisms are degrading the condition of your equipment on a daily basis.

Sound countermeasures that increase your plant life
AREVA's highly experienced chemists support your material or process qualification. The services include project management, test planning and execution as well as detailed monitoring during the test and physicochemical characterization and reporting after the study. AREVA can conduct parametric laboratory studies at low or high temperature under simulated plant conditions. It does not matter if you have an nuclear power plant (NPP) or an industrial site suffering from pesky aqueous corrosion. AREVA's cost-effective analysis methods lead to sound countermeasures and mitigations that increase your plant life while reducing costs on the long run.

Your benefits

  • Innovative testing technology at your disposal to fit your needs in aqueous corrosion testing
  • Profit from AREVA know-how in all nuclear power plants (NPPs) related to aqueous corrosion phenomena
  • Individual planning of test series to fit your needs
  • Experienced team of expert engineers and technicians will help you to succeed with your R&D

Interested in AREVA's Aqueous Corrosion Water Chemistry Consulting?

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