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In nuclear power plants (NPPs), complex plant systems as well as individual components must be capable of performing their designated functions at all times during normal plant operation as well as in the event of postulated and actual accidents.

The solution: A significant contribution is made to this by careful design, design validation and design optimization using vibration and flow-induced vibration tests. Component vibrations can be simulated nowadays using finite elements (FE) codes. Nevertheless, to provide excitation sources and to validate their results, experimental verification is still often indispensable. AREVA NP's Fluid and Structural Mechanics Department provides skills, tools and expertise allowing to perform experimental verifications.

Your benefits

  • Reliable partner with extensive experience in the field of instrumentation, vibrations analysis and on-site intervention
  • Short reaction times even for complex tasks
  • Available laboratory infrastructure in associated disciplines (mechanics, fluid dynamcs, instrumentation, …)

Interested in Qualification or Validation of Components on Site?

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