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Welding Engineering: Process Development, Automation, Mock-up Manufacturing

Welding processes have to face to productivity and reliability challenges by managing metallurgical – mechanical – soundness requirements, process parameters, machine design.

Welding processes from feasibility assessment to industrialization in high level requirements applications
With experience in high-level requirement applications, AREVA NP

  • Develops welding procedure specification for fabrication and field operations (GTAW, GMAW, SAW, laser, hybrid laser …)
  • Designs and industrializes mechanized and automated welding equipments
  • Manufactures mock-ups: instrumented (temperature, dimension) mock-ups, mock-ups with induced flaws
  • Develops modeling for numerical simulation
  • Supports workshops in industrialization and in managing of root cause analysis.

Your benefits

  • Development and industrialization of welding processes
  • Mock-up manufacturing
  • Experienced people in managing high-level requirements projects

Interested in Welding Engineering?

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