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MAEX: Modular Analog Excitation System

Emergency power supplies in power plants must be equipped or retrofitted with modern brushless systems to avoid plant shutdown due to unavailability of emergency power supply. It is very difficult to qualify software-based systems for this application and also very elaborately to integrate these new systems into existing infrastructure, especially with limited space, time,  budget and plant-specific interface conditions.

The Modular Analogous Excitation System (MAEX) provides a software-free dynamic excitation for a wide range of brushless generators.
 Flexible and customized design is guaranteed by smart configuration of standard add-ons such as converters for different voltage supply. A qualified team of engineers brings a wide range of experienced skills into the solution.

Your benefits

  • Modular design for easy integration into new and existing infrastructures
  • Software-free system ensures reliable operation
  • Highest safety level according to KTA, IEEE and RCC-E
  • High voltage regulation accuracy for best emergency power supply quality
  • Short starting time
  • Large load step regulation is easily possible
  • All safety-relevant functions for voltage regulation and signaling
  • Monitoring features and also cos ϕ and reactive load control is provided by optional extension module
  • Various power supply interfaces
  • Very small cabinet footprint: 600 mm x 600 mm


Twelve units for Chinese reactors in different configurations

Interested in Modular Analogous Excitation System for EDGs – MAEX?

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