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As a nuclear service provider, AREVA NP offers a wide range of component qualification as well as maintenance services:

  • Experimental qualification tests conducted in our laboratories verify the functional capability of components such as fuel assemblies, pressurized water reactor (PWR) control rod drive mechanisms (CRDMs) and valves.
  • Testing and diagnostic systems determine current component conditions during plant operation. Special-purpose measurements are also available if problems should arise. This facilitates condition-based maintenance and identification of measures to be taken.
  • Component maintenance services, especially for valves and CRDMs, are provided either on a per-component basis or as an all-inclusive service package covering in-service inspection, maintenance, repair and adjustment of equipment settings.
  • Special-purpose measurements required in the event of functional problems are provided as an all-inclusive service package that starts with the initial planning and ends with a detailed analysis and evaluation of the measurement results.

Your benefits

  • Component qualification and testing in the laboratory
  • On-site component diagnostics and special measurements
  • Component maintenance
  • Manufacture of testing, measurement and diagnostic systems
  • Accredited test and inspection body
  • Accepted by ILAC

Interested in Qualification and Services for Mechanical Components?

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