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There is room for improvement in the aerodynamics of existing cooling towers. Turbulent air flow conditions in the air inlet degrade the cooling performance. This causes a significant limitation of power output, especially during hot summer periods. Promoting optimum air flow conditions in the cooling tower can therefore generate a significant increase in plant power output.

Reference projects attest a power uprate of 4 to 5 MWel 
AREVA NP’s solution optimizes cooling tower performance by creating a laminar air flow into and inside the cooling tower, enhancing efficiency and thus increasing power output. Our concept modifies the cooling tower’s lower edge and ground surface: spoilers at the upper rim and rounding of the lower rim of the inlet zone permit the smooth, laminar air flow needed for optimum performance.

Your benefits

  • Easiest technical solution to increase plant efficiency (4 to 5 MWel) compared to standard power uprate methods
  • No adverse impact on plant operations
  • No approval issues with the authorities
  • Technical pre-study as basis for customer go / no go decision
  • Very low investment costs; break-even in less than one year
  • Comprehensive and tailor-made turnkey project

Interested in Optimization of Cooling Tower Performance?

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