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A number of degradation mechanisms of concrete structures can lead to failings in the integrity of the containment and other civil engineering structures of a nuclear power plant (NPP). Chemical degradation mechanisms can appear with time and weaken concrete structures. Creep and shrinkage can also lead to the relaxation of the pre-stress cables embedded in the structure, increasing the risk of damage over time during pressure tests. Because the primary containment is the key safety-related concrete structure in NPPs and with respect to long-term operation (LTO), a precise assessment of the chemical and mechanical properties of this concrete structure is compulsory in order to prepare the required justification files and implement required mitigation strategies.

Chemical and mechanical assessments of concrete structures
AREVA NP offers the following support to plant operators:

  • Expert mechanical assessment of concrete structures including calculations of a pre-stressed containment building and prediction of the evolution of the liner geometry supported by liner model test results
  • Expert chemical assessment of concrete structures
  • Set-up a surveillance program for concrete aging
  • Implementation of mitigation strategies.

Your benefits

  • Our expertise in chemical and mechanical aging mechanisms assessments for reinforced concrete structures, particularly in the field of pre-stressed concrete
  • Our practical experience on our own nuclear facilities in France and in several NPPs in Europe to support their concrete and civil works aging management strategy

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